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Hey, Shayna here. I am so many things but the overwhelming part of my identity right now is MOM. I have 4 very rambunctious, crazy, noisy, spirited children and while I enjoy a good girls night out or even the coveted adults only date nights, the majority of my time is spent with the family. I am starting this blog because I need more attention, I like to write, I want to log where we go and how easy or not easy it was to take the kids...aka "family friendly". This is not the same as "kid friendly". I have been to my share of kid friendly places that offer very (very) little for mom and dad. Just remember that my point system is highly influenced by a) my mood that day, b)the environmental conditions that only God controls (i.e. weather) and c)how much fighting there was in the car on the way to the location so this is very very very unscientific. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

7 Wonders- Board Game

7 Wonders Board Game
Overall score: 6
Price: 5
Kid Friendly: 5
Parent Friendly: 9
Easy Access: 3

Now before you 7 Wonders lovers get mad that this only scored a 6, please look at the parent friendly category when I gave it a 9. It was a really fun game to play....with adults. Drew has been on a game kick lately
which I am capitalizing on since he usually turns his nose up to games. Like most good and new board games it was pricey. We also had to go to 3 different stores (before we got smart and just called a bunch in town) before we found one....and it was the last one....tucked way way back.
We invited some good friends over to test it out before we tried to play as a family. I am not gonna lie, it took a very long time to read through the instructions, and then it took another very long time for all of us to decipher those instructions. I'm glad we did though because there are a lot of little game changers in the rules that would totally affect the outcome of the game. So with reading the rules and playing our first round it probably took an hour and a half. Then the second round took about 30 minutes. The game is so intense though (so much to concentrate on) that I literally didn't pay attention to anyone else board and this would be a cheaters paradise game. (Don't mind Jeff's bloody nose 😆, it was an intense round)

Conveniently everyone gets there own "board". This is so so so so so so smart when it comes to playing with kids. There were only a few squabbles over who got to be "Babylon" (heaven help us), but after that no arguing over which way the board faces or who is sitting closest to the end point (yes all fights we have had before). 

Also don't mind my half naked kids, we had just sat in the hot tub so they were "too hot for shirts". I am so glad we did an adult tryout before attempting this game with the kids. We were able to modify the game for them (we didn't even tell them about the pyramid building). They thought the game was very very fun and have asked every night since if we can play. This shocked me because I don't think they grasped many of the concepts (building military strength, buying goods and commodities, gathering scientific tools) but I think that fact that everyone had there own board and there were so many moving parts really caught their attention. I think it is a game that we can play for quite some time without it growing old! 

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