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Hey, Shayna here. I am so many things but the overwhelming part of my identity right now is MOM. I have 4 very rambunctious, crazy, noisy, spirited children and while I enjoy a good girls night out or even the coveted adults only date nights, the majority of my time is spent with the family. I am starting this blog because I need more attention, I like to write, I want to log where we go and how easy or not easy it was to take the kids...aka "family friendly". This is not the same as "kid friendly". I have been to my share of kid friendly places that offer very (very) little for mom and dad. Just remember that my point system is highly influenced by a) my mood that day, b)the environmental conditions that only God controls (i.e. weather) and c)how much fighting there was in the car on the way to the location so this is very very very unscientific. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Maroon Bells, Aspen CO

Hiking in Aspen, CO
Overall Score: 9
Price: 9
Kid Friendly: 8
Parent Friendly: 9
Easy Access: 7

This is one of those spur of the moment "side trips". We were driving back from Denver to Idaho and decided to take I70 (which is longer than the I80 route, but we were bored with that) and while we were driving Drew says to me, "you know I've always wanted
to go to Aspen and see the Maroon Bells, plus we could let the kids stretch their legs". So we naturally took the 3 hour detour so the kids could "stretch their legs". I'm so glad we did. It was so breathtakingly beautiful its hard to show in pictures. Normally you are not allowed to park all the way at the lake (you have to take the shuttle up) UNLESS you have kids in car seats, then you are allowed to take your private vehicle! Super family friendly points for that one.
The hiking was beautiful and fairly easy (other than the altitiute...starts somewhere near 9,000 feet), but we stuck with the fairly flat routes. The foliage was think and the rivers were icy cold. 

The lake at the base is fun to dip a foot (and hand) in. The "shoreline" is easy to sit on and the lake isn't deep by the edges so it was relaxing to have the kids playing around. Aspen in general is swanky and pricey (stopped in the rec center to use the bathroom and there was an indoor ice skating rink...in the summer!...at the rec center!), but this was a perfect way for our family to experience it. I may have mentioned to Drew that an adult trip there would be extra awesome. So many beautiful places on our planet that I keep finding ones that I think are my new favorite.  

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